Vigo has good transport links, due to a complete network of infrastructures that connect the city with the main Galician, peninsular and international urban centers.

The city has an urban bus service (VITRASA) that links practically the whole municipality. For your convenience, their website provides a route planner that will help you find the best option to reach your destination.


Ctra. Camposancos, 36. Vigo
Phone: + 34 986 291 600


How to reach the Campus Site

The EEI Campus Site are located in the Lagoas-Marcosende University Campus, about 15 km away from the city center.

Urban transport

To get there, you can use the urban bus service (VITRASA), which offers several direct bus lines to the campus from the city center, popularly known as shuttles, that take about 20 minutes:

U1 Plaza de América - Universidad

U2 Plaza de España - Universidad

There are also other bus lines from the city center, but they stop much more often than the shuttles and take about 45 minutes to get there:

8 Universidad - Puerto - Arenal

15C Universidad - Samil


How to reach the City Site

The EEI City Site are located in the center of the city of Vigo, in Torrecedeira Street. The fact that they are in the city center and their privileged location make them easy to reach, both from the city itself and from the surrounding areas.

Urban Transport

There are many urban bus lines (VITRASA) that stop very near the City Site. You can check your route on the bus line map provided by VITRASA, but we would like to highlight the center circle line, which stops in front of the entrance to the School.

Circular Plaza de América - Plaza de América

Sea Transport

In addition, in the Ría de Vigo there are several ferry companies that offer regular routes to different destinations, which will allow you to reach the Vigo city center from Cangas or Moaña.